Sunday, February 5

Featured Spotlight (Pic)

This is Seth A.K.A Sethifer. I met him his first year at Lander. He is a transfer student and just transferred from USC after failing out. He is currently a junior, but has many more years of school to he says anyway. When I first met Sethifer, he was very anti-social. He did not come out of his room at all. He went to class and to his room, not opening the door for anyone. Finally, me and a few of my friend that also live at Coleman Hall were able to infiltrate his, what looked to be, a landfill. It is also safe to say that it looked like an abortion clinic, gone wrong. After which time, he started opening his door more often to us. He is a fast talker, and sometimes gets so excited in what he is trying to say, that he completely sounds as if he has a speech impediment, thus, making it more unlikely that anyone will be able to understand him. Over the many months I have known him, I've learned to understand this "Sethanese" language. He has many nicknames, some of which, I am unable to say on his behalf. One that he was known for was "Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome."

He is a lifeguard and spent a lot of time outside over the summer of last year (2005) so he was tall, dark, and you can figure out if he is handsome or not. That was his nickname for quite some time until he graduated into, what we now call him, Sethifer. He can also be described as an alcoholic, but I think he is far from that, but if you ask for the alcoholic on the 2nd floor, many would point their fingers to his door. I am not quite sure how he picked up that reputation, but he doesn't care to much.He is a good friend, and very educated. I am surprised he failed out of USC... He usually has some sort of knowledgeable answer or statement to give in random situations.

He loves to take pictures with his Nikon camera, which consists of 35mm film. No digital for him. He is all old fashion, and that is a good thing when it comes to taking pictures. Nice quality. If you know Seth, you can always find him online. Never fails. Always! So if you know his screen name, maybe he'll tell you some more about some of the other nicknames we call him, or anything else you would like to know.

He does not have a website, but is on Myspace as well as Facebook. Posted by Picasa

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