Sunday, February 26

Promise Lands 8

Friday night, Seth, Coleman, Erik, and I decided to go to the Promise Lands. For those of you who do not know what the Promise Land is; it is a place that has vast amounts of space. It is a heavily wooded area, also known as Sumpter National Forrest. Many of us like to go and explore, usually in a Toyota Corolla (Spelling), which is Coleman's car; hardly an all-terrain vehicle. We take pictures, videos, and sometimes have picnics. Its a very relaxing thing to do if you do not have anything to do. You can also study!

As said, we decide to take a short trip to satisfy our boredom for about an hour. We did not realize that the hour would be the longest hour of our lives...

We did not exactly go to the Promise Lands, but we went exploring where we thought was a place called Edgefield. We were traveling down a dirt road and we spotted this off road. We started traveling down the road for what seemed about 15 minutes, being very cautious because it was more like a path, not a road. The path then comes to a complete stop and all our hopes were shattered because we were hoping for something spectacular at the end. It wasn't so spectacular....We backed up the car, tried to turn around and we couldn't move. The tires spun out of control. Seth started to panic. Tires spun out of control, kicking up dirt and whatever else underneath the car and he stopped. We got out of the car to look at the severity of the situation.


To Be Continued...
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