Sunday, April 23

Bored? (Pic)

You are laying around watching TV on a Saturday with nothing to do. You have done just about everything you can do that was considered fun, like go to the lake, or go exploring in the woods and get stuck for 6 hours. It gets old!

You get on the computer and visit the usual sites and they just aren't fun anymore. You've checked myspace or facebook every 5 minutes; Still no posts or friend requests? Figures!

What else could a bored college student do to occupy their time without spending money or getting arrested?

Hide and Seek!! Auto Hide and Seek!! That's right. You read that correctly; Auto Hide and Seek. I kid you not. I was checking my email for the 10th time in fives minutes and I get a knock on the door to play a game called Auto Hide and Seek. Depsite the fact I was ready to slit my wrists and call it a night, I immediately turned my friend down and said "no. That sounds stupid!"

As stupid as it sound, I can promise you it'll change you life as we know it-for the good! Its the new thing. It is just like a normal game of Hide and Seek, only with you car. You choose some boundaries where you can hide, such as not going pass a certain street light. You congragate in a parking lot in the boundary, such as Walmart (like the cool kids) and you chose the driver that is "it." After that, the driver that is "it" has to wait 5 to 7 mintues while the rest of the drivers find a spot to hide. After which time, the ones that are hiding have to wait there in the spots they chose, whether it be with the lights off or on (if you are playing at night). The person that is "it" has to search (within the boundaries) and the first person he/she finds will be "it" on the next round. When the driver finds that person, the other person joins in on the search for the rest of the people, and so on, until you finally find everyone, and then meet back up in the Walmart parking lot for the next round.

Sounds pretty simple, right? As said, it is just like the regular game, but like the rugular game, comes regular rules. No moving spots after you found the spot. As tempting as it is to move, you must stay in the same spot. You can't drive around. It would be helpful if everyone had a CB Radio to communicate, but cell phones work just as well, especially after 9pm, or 7pm if you are with Alltel. It helps if you have other people in the car with you, so if you are "it" you won't crash into something, looking for the others... The driver isn't actually going to tag you by raming into you (unless that is how you want to play it). The driver is just going to flicker the lights and both of you will be on your way. There is no "base" like in the regualr game, so you won't find people racing at high speeds down the road to get to a "base."

So you pretty much have it? Good! Go try it out one day or night. You will be surprised at how much fun it is, especailly if you have nothing else to do. Posted by Picasa

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