Saturday, April 29

Coming Soon

Hello Everyone.
I have been hard at work, not only on my exams, but some new things to come. I have just added a donation button, so keep those donations coming, if you don't mind. Like I said, a dollar is amazing and if you leave a donation, please email me at, giving me your name and email address (if not the email address you used to send the email). If you are wondering why you are donating, please see the post titled "Want to help."
Three people have donated a total of $7.50 since adding a donation button a few hours ago. Thank You to you three so far and don't forget to send me that email!!

I have also been working on a store. The online store will be offering many things and should open up in mid-may. I have a lot of things to get rid of that are still in great condition and I am working on getting a deal with some vendors to sell many things so look forward to that, so, of course, I'll keep you posted.

Reminder: My Facebook postings are at a dead stop right now. Why? Everyone is waiting for the number to get a liitle closer so they can win. I had a feeling this might happen. Get those posts in; Don't be scared! The posting are currently at 295, so 5 posts away from a winner, which by the way, if you win, you will get a free DVD. I will send you a list of DVDs to chose from, and you will pick wich one you want. Good Luck!

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