Tuesday, April 18

Save the Day (Pic)

I decided to go to the lake last week for a little while because it was a beautiful day. Not only did I go, but some other friends went also. As we were leaving and getting our stuff together, we all saw a strange figure floating in the water. We stood and watched as the figure slowly drifted towards the shore. When the figure finally approached us, we immediately found out it was a person. We were scared of what to do, because the body was not moving when it was lying in the sand. We got a little closer and screamed at the person. "Hello!" we screamed.

All of a sudden, the body slowly moved and got up and he started to talk to us. We had no idea what he was saying at first. We asked him to slow down because we could not understand him. We finally found out he had escaped a concentration camp and he was starving and very fatigued (as you can see from this picture). We gave this poor guy food and guided him in the right direction. I am now happy to say that he is doing much better and has picked up a few pounds-since last week! Our good deed has been accomplished and that is a wonderful feeling.

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