Sunday, April 16

Scary Movie 4

I got the pleasure of seeing Scary Movie 4 today. I am going to give you a brief overview of how I liked it...

First off, i have to mention how excited I was to see the 4th film of scary movie, however, I have to say- at the end of the movie I found myself leaving the cinema slightly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, It was an OK film, its not like i hated it, but it sadly lacked the comedy of the other 3 films, specifically, the first Scar Movie. I was very pleased to see Brenda back, however, not even she could bring this up to the standards of the others.

It felt as if each scene was rushed and just randomly placed together- for some reason, it didn't all seem to fit with each other, it was like "OK, we've done one spoof- quickly we have to do the next one" and everything seems so rushed and unfinished.

However, it wasn't a complete disappointment, Their were some really funny moments in the film which save it from complete boredom. It's OK to watch, it passes a few hours and serves up some slight laughs every now and then. My suggestion: Wait until it comes out of theatre (Which shouldn't be long at all).

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