Sunday, May 28

Another Offer

So I got another offer from...yup. You guessed it; Cingular. I am switching over to them as soon as I start to have a steady cash flow. In addition to getting a cell phone service from them (soon), I also didn't mind working for them. A friend of mine was working at Belk and the manager of the Cingular Wireless store in the Mall was shopping. As my friend (Matt) was checking her out (in both ways), she mentioned needing someone really badly and he mentioned me needing a job, not knowing I had just got a job with Rose Hill Plantation.

After thinking really hard, I decided that I could get this job part time on the weekends, since I don't have to work on the weekends on my other job. I called the manager and have an interview with her on Tuesday. I'll let her know what is going on, because I want to keep the current job and have this backup job just incase things get hectic driving back and forth from Greenwood to Union when school starts. Cingular is in Greenwood, Rose Hill Plantation is in Union, and Greenville News is in Greenville. I wont have to work there as much.

So I have them lined up. Can I handle another job? Nope, but keep the offers coming anyway, something will come along better and I could maybe drop a job...

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