Tuesday, May 30

Camp Nowhere

Two of my friends and I decided to go to the lake and do a little fishing on the enoree river. It was a nice day. We went to eat, picked up some fishing equipment and made our way there.

My friend, Matt, and I don't do much fishing so we headed up the rapid river to do some exploring. We saw a mass amount of creatures scattering about, as we marched through their territory.

As we were exploring, we were talking about how much fun it would be to camp. I haven't camp in quite some time, so the idea was exciting. After talking about camping for several minutes, we decided to stop talking about it and do it. We mentioned the idea to Steven (the other friend) and we went by each house, picking up a few items. We then went to Walmart to grab a tent and some lights.

We wanted to camp by the Enoree river, but it is owned by the state park and they would not allow camping, so we drove, and drove, and drove, and we finally found a spot I could park my car without it being seen. We then got all our stuff and hiked into the woods searching for a nice camping ground. I had no idea where we were and no idea where we were going. After trecking about 30 mintues deep into the wilderness, we finally found a spot, set up the tent, and began to make a fire.

It was great, until night came...

Things started falling from trees, noises all around, insects sucking us dry. We immediately went into the tent to hide from the insects. As we lay in the tent talking, the noises continued, but we didn't think to much of it. We finally talked ourselves to sleep when all of a sudden, grunts and groans, and tree branches that covered the ground began to break. We woke up to a tremendous snap of a branch and popped up, wondering what was outside. We stayed still and quiet until it went away and we fell back asleep.

Later that night, it happened again. It continued to happen throughout the night, awakening us every 40 mintues or so. The next morning, we realized that it was deer. Deer were all around us thoughout the night. Why? Because we were on their territory and they made sure we knew by scrapping against the trees, and urinating everywhere, as well as stomping on the ground and making the strange noise they make.

It was an interesting night, and would love to go camping again, only longer next time!

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