Saturday, May 20

Reach Me in One More Week!

Many of you have known I've been without a cell phone for about a week now and that is quite unusal for me. I have been going crazy without one! I am literally unreachable, except via AIM and email of course. My parents no longer use a landline phone so I don't have that to depend on anymore.

Throughout the week of not having a cell phone, I thought about my next cell phone provider. I have heard good and bad things about each provider. Verizon was the best in my eye and I could not believe I was switching over to another cell provider. I am spoiled, but I thought really long and hard and came to the discision of going with Cingular Wireless. Why Cingular Wireless?

Pros: Lets you roll over unused minutes to the following month; variety of data plans, including EDGE and UMTS high-speed data networks.
Cons: Roaming charges vary; 3G UMTS network extremely limited. Where can I use this service? Nationwide; also offers widespread international roaming in more than 150 countries.

I have had a cell phone since I was 16 years old. Seeing as how you have to be 18 to aquire a cell phone in your name, I started off with a Tracphone. Tracphones are phones that you can have without being tethered to a contract, and you pay for your minutes when you need them. It is expensive now that I look back on it.

Anyway, I have gone through many providers, starting off with a Tracphone, moving to Alltel when I turned 18. They gave me serious problems. There was no point in having a cell phone with the signal I got from them. I then moved to Nextel. Horrible selection of phones and horrible service. Not to mention, very expensive. I then went to sprint under a family plan with my parents. I did not like being on a family plan, so I broke away and got Verizon Wireless. I'd been with them for several years until the problems just recently happened. (See Verizon post for more info.)

Since I had been with the majority of cell phone plans, I thought it only fair to try Cingular. I will be switching to Cingular Wireless on Friday. For those of you connected to me via Plaxo, will recieve an immediate update of my new cellphone number. As horrible as it has been to not have a cellphone, it has been relaxing at the same time. Relaxation is over though, and I will have a cell again!

"Wherever you go, there you are!"

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