Friday, May 26

Rose Hill Plantation

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Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site offers a look at antebellum South Carolina in a serene, rural setting. It is also the historic home of South Carolina’s “Secession Governor,” William H. Gist. Rose Hill’s restored mansion and period furnishings, beautiful gardens, historic trees and nature trail on the Tyger River in the old Union District provide a peaceful contrast to the history of the Gist family in South Carolina

Rose Hill Plantation is an ideal place to explore the prosperous antebellum lifestyle of upcountry planter families and the role of cotton, slaves and tenant farmers in South Carolina’s history.

This is where I will be working. Not long after leaving Belk and applying everywhere I could, and with the help of a friend, I was able to get a wonderful job work at this historic park. I will be doing Public Relations, Marketing, and planning (as well as giving) tours. All these duties are very similar to what I would like to be doing after college if I do not get the New Broadcasting position.

I am really excited and will probably be starting June 1st. I will make sure I send you more information as time passes. I have some studying to do. I was given a plethora of information pertaining to this place, so I know what I am talking about and what I am doing.

Take care!

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