Wednesday, May 3

Shows Online

Here’s an interesting twist in the mad dash of technology. The American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC-TV) in the U.S. has just launched the ability to provide full episode streaming of ABC hits such as Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorites!), Commander in Chief and Lost(another one of my favorites)….. ALL FOR FREE! This isn’t just blockie little clips of episodes - they’re the full episodes - with a few commercials and everything!

This is a little experiment ABC is trying out which has tremendous potential. I watched a few clips and was really impressed with the quality.

The only problem? You must be in the United States of America to be able to access this service. Not a problem for me though!

Every new service has its problems though, and yesterday while watching a few shows, (after all the packing and unpacking I had to do) ran into a couple of crashes. Video stopped working, and when I tried to go back and watch it again, nothing happened. Its now fixed and ready to be used, so go watch some shows, epecially Lost!

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