Wednesday, May 24


Belk and I have not been getting along this week and because of it, I lost my job there. Perhaps it is for the better though. I still have the Greenville News!

In addition to my unemployment at Belk, I will not be getting a cell phone just yet. Since Belk was my only source of income (Greenville News is an unpaid internship right now. Just credit hours only), I have decided to hold back on getting a cell phone just yet and saving the money I currently have to open up a business!

Just kidding, but it sounds nice. I will actually save the money I have and go search for a job. As relaxing as it is to sit at home and do nothing on some of the weekdays, I get bored, and will have to find a job to occupy my time.

More Updated News:
Remember way back, when I asked everyone to donate a little money for First Presbyterian. Well, I checked the paypal account, and there is an astonishing $200 there! Not quite the goal I was shooting for, but not the amount I expected to be there so soon. It makes me happy. Please keep it coming!

Hope everyone's summer is going well so far! Memorial Day is right around the corner so hope you have some great events planned for you. I will be heading to TN for the weekend, I think.... Take care!

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