Friday, June 2

Clemson Murder: Tiffany Souers

A Clemson student was murdered on May 29th and her killer is still out there! According to the Clemson police captain, Ms. Souers was strangled with her bathing suit top. Many are devistated by what have happened. I know that investigators say the twenty year old junior, Tiffany Souers was strangled to death in her off campus apartment and so far they have no leads. If anyone knows more, please inform me.

A friend of Tiffany's told CBS that the last time many people saw her alive was right in downtown Clemson on Thursday night.

Tiffany Souers

Tiffany Souers was the all American girl, a parent's dream: A straight A student majoring in civil engineering at Clemson University. Her family said (on CBS), Tiffany, a former debutante from St. Louis also had a passion for volunteer work. Friend and Neighbor Joey Balasz (also on CBS) said, "Great girl, brilliant smart, very pretty...wonderful, very fun."

So far several law enforcement agencies have joined the search for her killer. State Law Enforcement Division, the Clemson and Central police, as well as the Pickens County Sheriff's office, but with no suspect in hand, the fear among students begins to spread, I'm sure.


According to my friend, Jim,
the suspect used the victim's debit or credit card shortly after the murder occurred. Thus, linking him to the murder of Tiffany Souers. The picture being released is also from a "transaction." Not quite sure of what kind of "transaction," but there was one. They also have a shot of his car, a mid 80's to mid 90's Chevy Blazer, so hopefully they are getting really close to finding this guy.

For more information(updated quite often), please vist: Clemson University's Tiffany Souers Invistigation

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