Saturday, June 24

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Well, just when you thought things were getting better, something else happens.

White Stallion (The name of my car) has died on me. I guess it was for the best. Problems started a few months ago and I would get them fixed. Problem Solved. Wrong!

More problems and I fixed those, but then there was a grinding whenever I turned, and I ignored that. I knew what the problem was, but ignored it because I, not to long ago, replaced my axel.

Well, I get up to go to work and my car would not start. Battery-Check, Starter-Check, Right Key-Check, Right Car-Check! Still not working. Well, I ended up taking my mother's car to work that monring and I had my car taken to a shop.

Somehow I blew a gasket. What that means, I am not sure, but I do know that it is a lot of money to fix, not to mention the other remaining problems of the car. White Stallion and I have had some good times, but she has to go. I am getting another car and currently car shopping.

So what makes this interesting is the fact that I was telling some friends, "I am without a cell phone and I think that is the worse thing to happen to me, and I can't imagine being without a car..."

Well look what I did to myself!! I have a cell phone now, but no car! I don't know which is worse. I'm leaning more towards the car right about now... Posted by Picasa


Gwen said...

That's pretty funny ;-) And why is, well was, your car called the White Stallion when she was BLACK? Oh and, you know what, my car makes a grinding sound when I turn...that's not a good thing (Steven told me I should get that checked out...maybe I should listen to him before I end up without the Pink Princess ;-) Anywho, have a great one and I'll ttyl. Peace and Sunshine!

JoCoWash said...

I wouldn't say funny, but rather ironic. The name of my vehicle derived from the white streaks accenting the windows. Not to mention, Black Stallion is a name you would expect out of this car. It makes one go "hmmmm" with the name, White Stallion.

You might want to get that check out though. Would hate for you to end up like me!