Monday, June 12

There's Hope...For a Price.

Take a good look at each of these pictures. The bottom two were taken with my very first digital camera. The top two are the same picture!

How did I do it? Well, I didn't. Not long after posting these low-quality pictures, a friend of mine gave me hope. I figured there was hope out there, but I didn't realize it may cost me $700!

With the help of a good eye, Adobe Photoshop was the hero behind the dramatic change of these photos. A long time ago, I did a massive search for photo editing software and I skimmed right over this software.

Despite it being Adobe (I don't to much care for the company), the $700 pricetag will send most people running away. I do have to admit, this is a great program. I am learning more and more about Photography and this is my next step. I need top of the line photo editing software, especially for the hundreds of low-quality pictures I have from my first camera.

Not only do I need it for my new job (which they may pay for), but I will want it for personal use.

I'd like to thank Jim, a great photographer, for guiding me to success. I can hear my archived photos "pixelating" in delight.- HaHa Posted by Picasa


Jim said...

Don't forget student discounts. I believe I got my copy of CS2 from and they gave me about $100 off for being a student.

Use it while you still can!

JoCoWash said...

I will, of course, be using that. Thanks for the info!