Tuesday, June 6

Tiffany Souers Case


Yesterday, police released surveillance photos of a man trying to use Souers' bank card at an ATM machine a few hours after the killing. He was driving a GMC or Chevy Blazer-type two-door SUV between the years 1982 and 1994, and had his face covered with a bandana that featured both a cross-shaped design and a large V pattern on the front. Cops now say that the killing was sexually motivated.

According to police, the night before the murder, Tiffany spoke to several friends and told them that she planned to stay in that night to watch a movie. Cops say her three roommates were out of town, and her body wasn't discovered until the next day when her former roommate stopped by.

Police discovered no sign of forced entry or of a struggle inside the apartment. They also found little physical evidence, but an autopsy did reveal that she was strangled with a bikini top. Police said that they would start to look through Tiffany's computer to see if it could yield any further clues.

Its only a matter of time...

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