Saturday, July 1

Hectic Week

It has been a few day since I've posted. It has been quite a crazy week, especially without a car. That is driving me crazy. Fortunately, my parents have enough cars to cover me until I can get my own car, which is looking to be in one week.

Anyway, in recent news, with the help of Charles, I have created the first newsletter for Rose Hill Historic Site in Union. It is their very first newsletter and it has great potential. For now, it is one page highlighting recent events, upcoming events and a brief bio on each of the staff at Rose Hill, which consist of me(Public Programmer/PR), Charles (the Interpretive Ranger), and Casey (the Park Manager). We also just hired a maintenance guy who works on the 44 acres of land which is occupied by Rose Hill. My current priority for Rose Hill is to come up with some marketing strategies for Rose Hill itself, as well as strategies for big programs we have coming up. Please check us out of the web.

July 4th is right around the corner and I know some people have some big plans. Me, however, am lacking in ideas for that day. We'll see...

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