Sunday, July 16


I've decided to list a few sites that I browse often for a little inspiration in response to Me and Jim's helpful advice.

"If one of your peers can do it, than you can too." That is what many believe or find it easier to relate with someone of your age for inspiration. I tend to agree and find it quite inspirational to view friend's photography so first in the list:

  1. Jim's Flickr account. Jim and I went to high school together and I never knew he had an interest in photography. He takes amazing pictures. I love macro shots and many of Jim's photos are Macro (close up) shots. Among his many photos, a recent photo of his, if you go to the site, is not a macro shot, but a photo that amazes me every time. A picture of a storm and a lightning bolt. I must say, that a picture of a lightning bolt takes patience and talent.
  2. Next is Shutterpoint. Shutterpoint has pictures that'll make you melt and if you take amazing pictures, you can register an account and sell your pictures online for any price you want. I used a simmilar site (I don't remember the URL) and submited some of my best photography, not to sell it, but get feeback, and that is a great way to learn. My pathetic pictures did not match with the surrounding professionals, and I was given nice and educational comments and I reccommend a person do that.
  3. Mike Muizebelt delivers a great round of macro shots of nature. Nature photos are my weakness so macro nature photos just brighten my day.
  4. Speaking of nature, this site is not updated (I don't think) but provides some fantastic views of tornados and storms. Check it out!
These are some of the sites that I look at and there are many more also. I have other friends that take amazing photos, but do not currently post them online. If that changes, get in touch with me! Photo sharing sites such as Flickr will provide you with pictures to look at all around the world. Another site is Fotki and they provide a great service and wonderful pictures by many people. Like I said, there are thousands of photography sites out there so do the word of the week (Google) and find yourself some inspiration!

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