Monday, July 10

Online Media Storage and Sharing I get the chance, I have been changing my whole online experience. My Website, my blog, and my current media sharing service are keeping me busy. My growing collection of pictures, videos, and music are getting substantial. I have put in the extra money for a 160GB external hard drive that’ll last me for a year or so. With the 3000 songs, and 2000 pictures, and my growing collection of 140 videos, I have been searching around for a good media provider. I have been with AOL for several years and I am now realizing that there are other options out there to share some of my media, rather than AOL’s poor media sharing service.

I was looking for a service that would allow me to store unlimited photos and videos and share them with friends. Most of my friends want pictures or videos, but there wasn’t an easy way of doing it until now. I must say is a great service for not only storing photos and videos, but also sharing. Their uploading method is not the easiest however and currently still under beta. I may use them in the future. is excellent for backing up GBs of items for extremely cheap, but doesn’t allow you to share. I recently met my best friend though. is an amazing service. Not only does it have the wonderful “web 2.0” user interface (like, but also works well. It too, is currently under beta, but I decided to sink my money into the service because they have great potential. allows one to upload pictures and videos and share them on a website. Users can add to albums using a unique email address generated for each album or “picklebox.” Users are also able to email pictures and videos to others without the hassle of taking hours or less (if you have a high-speed connection) to upload. Just attach a video and send and the email that the person gets is a specifically design email so you can watch that video or look at pictures on the spot. Users can also download your content.

Pickle Plus is what I purchased for a special beta user price of $19.99 and allows me to password protect, no advertisements, unlimited storage, and more. The only complaint I have is that I can only upload 2GBs per month. With around 10GBs of sharing media, this may take me a few months to finish. I have started the uploading process and slowly adding media. Feel free to check the page often for media updates. So far, I have about six albums with more on the way, captions coming soon! I am not adding my professional looking photos, but normal everyday 5.1MP digital camera pictures and videos for those of you who are in them and want the pictures and videos.

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