Friday, July 21


I must admit, I resisted the Plaxo contact manager updates I received (daily) for a long time. I've tried a number of services that promised to keep my contact list up-to-date in the past and most of them are either so obnoxiously intrusive that I delete them after a few hours or are so ineffective that there's little value in having them installed.

But the Plaxo invites kept coming... and coming. From people I know and respect (especially in their software sophistication and judgement). So I said to myself, "Why not give it a try?"

I'm sold. I've used Plaxo to connect with and update hundreds of my contacts. Many have decided to install Plaxo on their systems. There's a certain staisfaction that comes from opening an e-mail and seeing a small icon that says "Up-to-date" next to the sender's name.

Plaxo is well-behaved in Outlook 2003 and it's free. Or, if you do not use Outlook, then it works without it also. If you have AIM Triton, Plaxo is built in!

If you have a lot of contacts and struggle to keep their information updated, this may be the tool you've been looking for.

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