Thursday, March 15

Privacy Screen for iPod

Don't like others looking at your iPod screen? Just like the screen protectors used for flat panel displays, a company released a product that hides the screen from each side.

Crave UK has found a privacy screen from iStyles for the iPod, which shields the display against prying eyes while watching videos, listening to music, or playing games. There are others also: Online, you'll find a couple of options to protect your viewing sanctity. offers a plastic screen for $6.95 that clings to the video iPod and is supposed to prevent onlookers. The Web site also suggests cutting the plastic down to fit other iPod models.

Japan's Digital Cowboy also has a product for keeping those eyes off your ipod. Their product also come with additions for about $13. The site is in Japanese, so be sure you have your font packs installed.

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