Monday, April 9

Microsoft Announcements

In addition to the new qwerty thumb keyboard Xbox controller that was just released, Microsoft has also released a spring 2007 Dashboard update. First, let's talk about the new keyboard that was recently announced by Microsoft.

I think Microsoft is the company with the most peripherals than any other company, so adding another device will only take up more space. The new Dashboard update has new chat features, so this new keyboard will make a lovely addition. Some other features of the keyboard include:

  • The thumb keyboard plugs into the headphone / data jack on the bottom of the controller.

  • It comes bundled with its own headset

  • The keyboard is backlit; the chat bubble icon in the photos will be an MSN icon.

  • It will be released in the summer. No word on how much, though.

The next Microsoft announcement is the new Dashboard update it will receive on the 7th of May. The update will do what most of everyone wanted, and probably some more if you didn't have high expectations. The Update features:

  • Your contact list will now integrate Windows Live Messenger, and show session status

  • Messenger contacts can see what game you're playing, and your gamertag

  • Marketplace will now have its own blade, which will be skinned independent of your theme

  • Users will now get inline achievement updates.

  • Low-power download mode and auto-shutdown

  • Progressive download: watch, fast-forward, and rewind partially downloaded movies

  • You can text chat messenger six friends playing games watching movies

  • Tweaks on the user interface

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