Sunday, May 6

Spiderman 3 Review

In the midst of moving and not having Internet, I had the chance to find a wireless hotspot and tell you about Spiderman 3.With great success comes great expectation. As a loyal fan, I went to the theater to see the movie on Friday night and I must say, I was not as impressed as I hoped.

First, the movie fails to fully introduce any of the new characters, and for most of the first half of the movie, it is quite scatter-brained and moves from sequence to sequence, failing to bring any of these stories together. This film is deeply flawed in certain ways. It seems like the director has tried to fit too much into the film. There is Spiderman, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey, "New" Goblin Venom, and Sandman. Each character is given the bare amount of time for development. Not to mention, there is the drama between Harry, Peter, and MJ that makes you feel as though you have change the channel to "Days of Our Lives."

The other big issue I have is the sense of humor the movie tries to take. It was silly and awkward, not fitting well with the rest of the film's style. After the black creature takes over Peter Parker, there's a lengthy sequence of him (now turned emo I guess) strutting down the street, dancing around and pelvic thrusting at women. It's basically him hopping about to music while looking like a jackass. It gets worse. He goes with Gwen Stacy to a club, where MJ is currently working, and basically reenacts the scene from ANCHORMAN (which I didn't like much) where Will Ferrell starts randomly playing the trumpet and hopping across tables. There are slight differences, of course; this one involves a piano and groovy dance moves. The outcome is the same, leaving mouths' open at the uncomfortable hilarity. They really should have saved that scene for the DVD outtakes. Then it'd at least be fitting.

At least the action sequences stand strong! But don't take my word for it. Go check it out and you'll see.

4 out of 10 Stars

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