Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

Hello. Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. It has been a busy, stressful week. I wanted to wish all fathers a happy father's day! Be sure to pamper your father and get him a little gift...or a big gift if you want. Perhaps a few pre-orders. If your father is a big gamer, like I see a lot of these days, then maybe he might like Halo 3, if he hasn't pre-ordered already.

Perhaps he might be interested in weather, like I have been for so many years. If I were a father, I would love to receive the new Orgeon Scientific Crystal Weather Station. This acrylic beauty features three laser engraved icons that light up in color to represent rain, cloud, or sun. The atomic clock can easily be switched to a temperature readout with just a wave of the hand. The product wont be available until December, so if not pre-ordered, it would make an excellent Christmas gift!

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