Tuesday, July 3

IPhone Sales Estimates

There has been a lot of talk about the iPhone. You are probably tired of hearing about it by now. Many companies have actually stopped press releases for their products to wait until the iPhone news dies down. It is no surprise that the "revolutionary" iPhone takes all the attention from others.

If you are curious about the sales of the iPhone, then look no further. The iPhone's grand opening was Friday at 6:0opm. In a press release, Steve Jobs was expecting to sale approximately 250,000 units. Fortunately for him, those numbers were reached only after a day! Analyst estimate that 525,000 units were sold during the whole weekend. Those are astonishing numbers. 

Luckily, there were just enough and there weren't too many shortages. I can imagine that would have caused chaos, like we all saw with some other big launches. The iPhone currently holds the record for the most anticipated consumer electronic. Impressive.

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