Saturday, March 8

OMG! LATBC (Look At This Brith Certificate)

Hello everyone! As I have mentioned, I am back from my little vacation and I must say, it was a much needed get away. I really enjoyed myself. It's back to the working world and back to posting for my fellow readers; and don't forget - an hour ahead of time!

Although I was sheltered from almost everything dealing with tech and news, I ran across something that may be interesting to you. Texting is huge. There is no doubt about it. Service providers know this and taking full advantage of this opportunity. I find myself texting more than I actually talk in some months. I am sure you have seen the commercials of the daughter and mother speaking in "text language." Yeah, they are pretty funny, and while I have no problem with shortening up language a bit to make things simpler, there comes a time when that should not show on important documents such as a birth certificates.

If you look closely, you will see the name. I am a very open-minded person, however, I find it quite hard to believe that this guys name is JNTHN. Maybe it is though!?!? Who knows. Maybe the parents actually did name their child JNTHN, short for Jonathan. If you look here, the trend is growing, and you may have a daughter/son in school pretty soon with a BJAMIN or a CTHRYN. Next thing you know, the DCTIONRY will incorporate these words and names and then our already complicated English set of rules will be even more complicated. Until then, let's try not to be too lazy. Adding a few more vowels is not too bad, I promise.


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