Wednesday, March 26

The Pedal Boat Powered by Solar Energy

I would like to say I am rather energy efficient. I am well aware of our current situation and how important it is not to take so many things for granted. However, you need money to save money, and the price of saving energy and going fully green is an expensive endeavor. With that being said, I would hate to sound hypocritical when I tell you to go green! ha ha...I digress.

Speaking of saving energy, I came across a boat that does just that. I don't know who needs a solar boosted pedal boat (although I would like one), but a design concept for one exists nonetheless. The boat features a center cockpit where at least four passengers can sit, alternating pedaling duties in 2 person shifts. When you get tired, switching to solar power can help lighten the load. I could possibly see these at amusement parks or state parks. Somewhere where families can go and enjoy their day with a nice solar powered boat ride around the lake. Sounds nice, right?

I'm not sure if this concept will ever see the light of day, but in a world filled with non-solar powered pedal boats, it would be a welcome transportation.

Take a look here for pictures and a video.

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