Tuesday, April 8

Spy Glasses Offer A Bit More

Would you like to record your life as you see it? No? O well, I'll tell you about these cool shades anyway. These shades have a built in camera (if you couldn't tell) and, although they are not the only shades with a built in camera, they are one of the cheaper pair of shades that I have come across.

There's a 1.3-megapixel camera on there along with a rechargeable Li-ion, 1GB of storage and a pair of earbuds. So not only are you able to record some scenes, but you can also have your own theme music to walk to as you record it! How great is that? In addition, you'll also find USB 2.0 connectivity and a remote control for slyly snapping shots.

You should check them out. Like me, you probably know of a few people that may be interested in getting some. If so, send them my way so they can give me a hands on review.

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