Tuesday, May 13

The Blackberry Touch, or "Thunder"

Look, look what I found. A company I love, and I phone I love, and the features I could die for. Well, not die, but maybe sell my iPhone (which is like death to some hard corp iPhone fans). Feast your eyes upon this beauty that is sure to shake up the industry, appropriately titled, "Thunder." I can hear it rattling now...

Boy Genius Report gave out a few details about the Blackberry Thunder, and I will now share some with you all. Word from Boy Genius is that the new iPhone-ish handset is now dubbed the "Thunder," and will come to Verizon and Vodafone as an exclusive device. The phone will reportedly have four physical keys (send, end, menu, and back), sport a hybrid CDMA EV-DO Rev. C / GSM HSPA radio, and could come equipped with a 4G chip component.

However, don't get too excited about what you see. This is a mockup of what the device may look like that Boy Genious whipped up. Not bad if I say so myself. I can trust RIM will not disappoint with its final version. If anyone comes across a real picture of this mysterious phone, let me know! I do plan on following this phone closely though.

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