Friday, May 2

SpiderBot May be Coming Soon {Updated}

As some of you may know, I love spiders (not on me, but in general), and I love robots. Put them together and I would have a grand time. Well, that is exactly what may be happening in the future. "BAE Systems has announced that it will lead a large alliance of American academics in building an army of miniature robots to aid the US military."

As if spiders aren't scary enough, can you imagine tiny spider-like robots roaming about? You wouldn't want to smash one of these things however, because you may be looking at a fine of about $38 million. That is of course if you aren't arrested in addition to tampering with military equipment. I doubt we will have to worry about that in our lifetime at least.

So what will these robotic arachnids do exactly? "The idea is that a variety of crawling or flying mini-droids will be produced, able to go into situations where human troops might fear to tread - caves, bunkers, mountains, hostile urban areas etc. The robo-bug army would then spy out targets and intel for human commanders to act upon." That way, our military can sit back and relax and let the spiders do the work. Robotic warfare is getting closer and closer I think...

So we have RoboBats (the COM-BAT) and SpiderBots and I was reading an article about a dragonfly bot-like creature. Pretty soon, we will have a variety of robotic creature crawling around...or flying around. Where most would look at it as creepy, I look at it as a pretty neat. Won't it make you feel safer at night knowing a swarm of metallic spiders are looking out for you? No? Oh, well.
UPDATE: Check out the video below to get a closer look at how these creatures will work.

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That is bizaare yet interesting!