Thursday, June 12

Google's Co-Founder Will Be Taking A Trip Up High

I have always been a big fan of space exploration. One day I actually hope to take a trip to spcae to see just how amazing it would be. One day...

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin will be doing just that. Sergey Brin is about to join an extremely short list of space tourists, according to reports. The search engine guru just dropped a $5 million dollar "investment" on the company Space Adventures, which all but guarantees him a seat on the outfit's next flight in 2011.

The trip aboard the Russian Soyuz rocket will take Brin to the ISS in the first-ever private flight to the station. Amazing! The company stresses that the ride will be less about tourism and more about commercial exploration, with passengers bringing aboard experiments and taking part in flight operations.

Godspeed Sergey, godspeed.

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