Monday, June 9

WWDC Conclusion

Well, the WWDC has ended and unfortunately, nothing was released today, however, come July, there will be some things to enjoy such as the iPhone 3G. I purchased my first iPhone for an astonishing $499. It is much thinner, much faster, and much cheaper than its predecessor.

Starting at $199, you get an 8 gigabyte device with GPS that works on AT&T’s high-speed 3G network. A 16 gigabyte version will go for $299. The launch date is July 11. Jobs claims that the 3G network approaches the speed of WiFi. What is really going to be a game-changer, though, is the higher speed in combination with the GPS chip, which will open up a whole slew of location-aware apps.

Next on the list of announcements is MobileMe. Users go to, get to mail, calendar, photos, etc. Synchronization between, Mac, Windows, and the web is instantaneous so any changes you make on your phone are updated everywhere else and vice versa.
Lastly, Apple announced the iPhone 2.0 software which will be available in the early part of July. Free for iPhone users, $9.99 or iPhod Touch users. Be sure to follow all your iPhone news here and the rest here on What's newS.

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