Tuesday, August 12

Awaken at the Sound of Silence

There are those that prefer a horrible sounding alarm to wake up to, or a pleasant jostle that will not piss you off in the morning, but simply wake you up wondering why exactly you have awaken up to begin with. That is a little better, right? For some, maybe.

I've grown up to the wretched sounding alarm for many years, but a few years ago, I tested out an alarm clock that was silent. I loved it, that is until I lost it in a move. I never found another so went back to using the good ole annoying alarm clock. Recently, I 've been waking up on my own as if I have a built in alarm clock, but I am definitely thinking of owning a silent alarm clock again.

By day it looks like a cordless phone sitting in a rounded base. By night it looks like a cordless phone slipped under your pillow in order to jostle your head awake in the morning. "Just place the Karlsson vibrating alarm clock (£29.99/$59 USD) under your pillow (or wherever), and it’ll hum you awake with its vibratey good sensations. During the daytime, simply put the rechargeable clock module back in its charging dock to keep the batteries charged. No more running to the shop for more Duracells!"

Being that it is an alarm clock, there is a snooze button. Keep hitting it however, and you'll notice it has a secret - it's not so silent. There’s even a built-in flashlight in case you happen to lose it beneath the sheets.

Want one? Visit here.

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