Thursday, August 7

Get Paid To Find the Best Deals

I realize how hard it can be to find the best deals online since their are so many site that claim they have the best deals on the net. But what if I told you that you could not only find the best deals online, but even get paid if you happen to find a deal that beats their prices?

Appropriately named, BeatThat, will grab the lowest prices available, and if you can beat that, get paid! Very similar to, only users can submitt their own links now to try to "BeatThat." Now don't get to excited because they only pay $2.00 per find, but that is more than anyone else would pay, right? Not to mention, if you are good at finding some good deals, you might be able to aquire enough to get some gas for yourself.

To avoid gaming the system, each deal must be verified for users to get paid. There are also some strict stipulations meant to level the playing field, like requiring the item to be in stock for a minimum amount of time, as well as any special coupon codes that go with it. Products must also be new, and the retailers must accept credit card payments--all things that might keep you from getting a big deal on refurbished and factory-restored products; the typical deals site fare.

I did a little test of my own to find the lowest prices on some tech products and was amazed at the results. To compare BeatThat's results, I did a product search on five popular products: the Canon Powershot SD1100is, apopular Sony HDTV, an iPod Nano (8GB black), a Garmin nĂ¼vi 350, and a popular HP desktop printer, then compared the top result against that of Pricegrabber and Google's Product search engine.

BeatThat's prices won every time. Pretty impressive, so if you are looking to find some low prices, I suggest you try out the new BeatThat and perhaps maybe even you can BeatThat and get paid.

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