Thursday, September 25

Have an iPod, Have a Car?

If you have a brand new car, you have nothing to worry about because newer cars have built-in iPod controls...usually. However, if you have an older vehicle without a tape player, and not to fond of those wireless transmission devices, then perhaps you can try another method.

"Today I scored another point against that devious being, electricity, and without using a single bead of solder or hot-glue. Using only a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, a length of wire and an old headphone jack, I was able to rig my outdated car cassette tape player to play audio from an iPod or other mp3 player instead. Once again, I'll provide detailed (albeit kind of poor-quality) pictures of the process and the idea behind it."
For more information on hacking your car up, take a look here.

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poojalooba_cow said...

Wow. My blog post recognized by another blog! Super cool. Thanks for reading through and checking it out. I guess at the time I didn't realize that I was providing information for other people to do the same thing; I was kind of just blogging about my achievements. It's awesome that you've linked to my post, though. Thanks again.