Friday, September 12

Screen on your Gear Shifter

Wow. I love technology, but sometimes tech gets a little carried away. For example, a screen on a gear shifter. As a automatic driver (not manual) I thought, wow, this would be useful as the LCD takes the guessing out of what gear the transmission is in. Then I realized, most people that drive a manual don’t think about what they’re doing. hey just know what gear they’re in and what gear they’re planning to shift into. Are there really people out there driving and thinking, “My god what gear am I in!”

No, probably not. However, if you constantly find yourself wondering what gear you are in, then you will love this...and probably shouldn't be driving. This makes me think the new gear shifter is just eye candy. I have to admit, it is cool though.

AC Schnitzer is planning to install the new shifter in its BMWs and MINIs, which are already loaded with eye candy so it makes sense. There is no word on when we will see these appear in new cars or a price tag.

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