Tuesday, September 30

Sony's OLED Display Is Invisable

Let's play a little game. Pick out the TV in this picture. What's that - you can't see it? It's there, I promise. Keep staring and you'll find it. What looks to be a thin stick sticking up is actually an OLED display.

Sony caused a worlwide sensation at last year’s event by introducing the XEL-1, its mini OLED TV, which boasts a thickness of just 3 mm (1.4 mm at its thinnest part). This year, the general public gets to see a OLED display that is just 0.3 mm at its thinnest part (otherwise, the 11-inch screen is technically identical to the XEL-1). It's beautiful.

What I would give to have a screen like this...

Via: Sony Dealer Convention (You may need to tranlate this using another website)

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