Tuesday, October 21

New Concept Means No Bezels

Apple has revolutionized the the cell phone industry with their iPhone. Beautiful phones with no buttons with a big bright touch screen are the new thing, but for how long, and what is going to be the next revolution?

My prediction: OLED screens are becoming more common and you'll find most of the computer manufacturers (including TV) are moving towards a thinner, energy efficient, OLED screens. The OLED technology not only allows for thinner, brighter, more crisp displays, but a stepping stone for the wave of next generation phones. Mac Funamizu concurs.

This concept (above) from Mac Funamizu is designed to show how truly magnificent a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. No more bezels or borders of any kind. A concept like this makes even the iPhone look cluttered, with that primitive silver border. It's a great design, inspired by the Nokia Aeon concept, and I would love to see the wrap-around screen idea on a real phone someday.

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