Monday, November 24

Try To Be More Cautious on Facebook if Lying

Everyone I know has a Facebook page now and since employers and companies use Facebook as well, I am urging you to be a little more cautious when calling in sick. Here are horror stories to prove it:

Tom Stones, a Tesco store worker in the UK, called in sick, but later posted on Facebook. He now faces disciplinary action. Last month, 13 Virgin Atlantic crew members used the same means to trash their employer and were consequently fired. Australian Kyle Doyle called in sick after a night out. His managers found him updating his Facebook page.

So, if you call in sick, be aware that employers have facebook pages, employees have facebook pages, friends who know some of your employees have facebook pages, friends of employees who are friends with mangement have facebook pages.....We are all connected! Everyone can find out what you are doing via Facebook if you aren't careful, so be careful.

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