Thursday, December 4

Kodak's $1000 Photo Frame

I have written several times about digital picture frames and that fact that I just can't pick the right one, yet I do want one. One picture frame that will be added to my wish list is the Kodak 7.6-inch OLED digital photo frame.

CNET got its hands on the $1,000 device and to summarize their review in one word; Beautiful. It offers "brilliant color" as you'd expect and "sharp" 800 x 480 pixel images on the thin OLED panel pushing a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. That is better than some TVs! The WiFi panel connects to Flickr and Kodak's own photo sharing service, but will not transfer images from Macs direct to the frame. Mac users will have to resort to USB drives, SD cards, or Kodak's on-line gallery for image transfers. The frame itself, is touch-sensitive (not the display) and features audio-in and audio-out jacks for musical slideshows.

So the big question here is would you pay $999 ($1000) for this photo frame? My answer is no, but the fact that the first OLED photo frame is now out and other companies will follow suite making the technology and the frame less expensive, so until the price drops a little/a lot, then I will not consider buying it. There are good quality photo frames out now that offer more for your money.

Someone is an early adopter for everything though, so if you have/will purchase one of these, send me an email. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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