Monday, December 29

Sunglasses That Power Your Elctronics

I'm not sure why someone did not think of this sooner than now. Designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong should be proud of their project, which integrates dye solar cells into a pair of semi-fashionable sunglasses in order to power your gadgets.

The SIG (Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses) convert the sunlight that they'll obviously see into usable energy. This is a great idea, however, I can foresee some lawsuits coming that individuals go blind by looking into the sun. I wouldn't recommend looking into the sun with any glasses.

This product is not out yet, but at least someone is thinking about it. Now that we are finally realizing what we can do with the energy all around us, I am sure there will be other ideas and products to enter the market like these sunglasses as well.

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