Friday, March 27

Warm Your Body in Style

I've purchased many a radiator and although I diligently tried to find one that look decent, I was always mildly impressed with the looks. Radiators are made to be out in the open, so it makes since to make them as nice as possible, right? Feast your eyes upon the "Bag" and "Totem."

Unfortunately, I didn't stumble over these radiators in my searches, however, if you are looking for a radiator, I suggest these. Both models are composed of a warm wooden body that is heated with aluminum detailing.

"New heating brand I-Radium present its first collection during Milan Design Week. Its exclusive and unconventional products experiment new expressions with the aim of presenting new functional ideas to the market. The concept of heating is combined with the noble and live material of wood, thanks to the infrared technology that makes the products unique – guaranteeing the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, high technology and the environment."

There isn't a release date as of yet, but once they are released, I want one!

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