Wednesday, April 29

Deposit Your Checks From Your Phone

I thought there would never be the day when you could deposit a check simply by taking a picture of your check and submitting it to your bank account. Now you can with NCR's APTRA Passport checking software.

NCR is now allowing customers to deposit checks anywhere they get reception on their data-enabled mobile phones. How? Your phone's camera (which must be at least 2-megapixels) acts as a scanner that captures an image of the check. APTRA then uses Mitek Systems' advanced recognition and image quality technologies to validate all data before transmitting those images directly to your financial institution or online banking web site. Voila!

You'll have money in your account without waiting in line at the bank during the crowded lunch hour rush or worse yet, tearing your hair out because you arrived five minutes after close.

Perhaps the iPhone will get an app like this...

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