Monday, April 6

Japan to Send Robots to the Moon

I've mentioned robots quite often on What's newS, and so you can probably guess that I love robots. In my quest to read up on the latest robot news, I thought I'd share with you an interesting article I read that involves robots and space. Two things I love.

Strategic Headquarters for Space Development said recently that they expect a two-legged droid traversing the satellite's surface by 2020. Should that prove successful, it'll be followed later by a joint mission with humans.

"Development of a lunar robot is part of a broad framework outlined by the group, which is charged with plotting a new course for Japan's space strategy. As a next step, joint exploration of the moon involving robots and astronauts will be considered."

Can you imagine Asimo on the moon? I sure can. Take a look at the potential with this nice commercial of him:

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