Monday, April 27

Receive Text Messages From Your Lawnmower

Robots are a big interest of mine, so one day, I can see myself owning a few to do some chores around the house for me. For instances, a robot to cut the grass. Swedish outdoor equipment maker Husqvarna has recently added the Automower 260 ACX to its line-up of robotic lawnmowers and it is cool.

What differentiates the new product from the current range is its GSM network support that allows the mower to send SMS messages to a preselected cellphone if it needs assistance. Of course, being a lawnmower, the Automower 260 ACX cuts the grass, spreads the clippings as fertilizer and can scare away wildlife that is detrimental to a lawn's health.

Ultrasonic sensors allow it to avoid obstacles such as trees, people and lawn chairs. Security against theft has been ensured by a four-digit password and an audible alarm.

Price: $5,310... I think I'll wait a bit to get this one.

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