Monday, June 15

Oops. Wrong Coordinates, Wrong House

I rely heavily on Sarah (my GPS personality) to get me around everywhere. I place all my directional trust on her so perhaps that is what a demolition crew did when they tore down the wrong house. A demolition crew in Georgia managed to accidentally destroy the wrong house based on GPS coordinates.

Apparently, the man who cuts the grass noticed that the power box was missing from the home and the holes were punched into the walls about a month ago. He thought it was vandalism. Wrong! The demolition company says it had paperwork authorizing the destruction, complete with coordinates and a discription of the home.

"The demolition company said it had paperwork. “I said, ‘Paperwork for what?’ and he said, ‘For the house, to demolish the house.’ I said, ‘I’m the owner of the house, I haven’t given anybody any authority to demolish this house,’” said Byrd."

Luckily, no one was enjored. The owner was told that a company in Texas authorized the demolition, but her calls have yet to be returned.

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