Thursday, August 27

ScreenTunes is My New Favorite Service

One of my hobbies is to collect music. Not all music, but music I actually like and a few ways I have been finding new music is by snatching lyrics or where the song was played to get the actual song. It can be quite a chore if you hear a song you like from a movie or TV show and have no idea what the song was. Usually, I just pull out my iPhone and launch Midomi that listens to tell me what the song was. That doesn't always work though. After searching for a song from the movie "The Last House on the Left," I stumble across a service to die for.

ScreenTunes is a free search tool that helps users find where a song has been played in any piece of professionally-produced video content. You just type in the name of the song and it tells you all the films and TV shows in which it's appeared. You can then listen to the track right from the results, or purchase the track on iTunes or Amazon's online stores.

Along with acting as a search tool for individual songs, ScreenTunes can be used to look up a track by its lyrics. This also works on entire movie titles, so you can type the name to get a quick track list. Unfortunately, it isn't quite refined yet when searching, but it has great potential and I was able to scratch off a few songs from my list of "movies and tv show songs" that I add to on a daily basis.

If you are like me, you'll love it. Go check it out!

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