Monday, October 19

Facebook Makes More Changes, but for the Better

My birthday is coming up this Thursday, and one thing that has always annoyed me since the last major revamping of Facebook is that the birthdays are not that noticeable. A lot of people rely on Facebook to keep them updated on their friend's birthdays, so it didn't quite make since to me to shove birthday notifications all the way at the bottom of the screen. That will soon change with the newest update to come.

It won't look too different. The biggest change is that Facebook's home page news feed will now be divided up into "top news" and a more real-time "recent activity" view.

"Facebook is simplifying the user experience on the home page by introducing Top News and Recent Activity streams. Now, when users log on to Facebook for the first time in a while, they will see the most important stories that they missed while they were away. From there, users can navigate to the real-time stream and toggle between both views throughout their sessions. In addition to making it easier for users to view content that is most relevant to them, this change also speeds up the time it takes for the home page to load and makes birthday reminders more prominent."

When I read this statement, I noticed "birthday reminders more prominent," and that is something that will be the most exciting change for me. Unfortunately, it took them this long to realize that it was annoying, but fortunately, they have realized this and making the changes to make most of us happy again. Of course, according to some disscussions I have read, that is the least of people problems with Facebook. Keep complaining. Perhaps they will eventually listen ;-)

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