Wednesday, January 20

What Does Apple Have Up Their Sleeve?

Apple, as you may already know, has confirmed at least some rumors today by announcing a special event on January 27th. The company plans to hold the gathering at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and teases it with just a spray-painted Apple logo and an invitation to "come see our latest creation."

Most expect the announcement to center on the much talked about tablet, a 10-inch touchscreen device that would run a heavily modified variant of OS X iPhone. Other candidates for the event have included iPhone OS 4.0, Core i5 MacBook Pros and other portable hardware. We will see next week, but you better believe I will be on the lookout!


Jim said...

I think I saw a rumored new release of iLife as well (possibly to work on the tablet?)

JoCoWash said...

Oh yes - forgot to mention that one. iLife was updated not too long ago so I have a feeling it will cater to the Tablet. We shall see...