Friday, June 11

Let BuyMyTronics Help You Buy an iPhone

It’s always great to see more companies involved in recycling. is one of the companies that buys your gadgets and recycles them. The company gives you an eco-friendly avenue to get rid of electronics while pocketing some extra cash. BuyMyTronics offers a fast, simple and green way to get money for your gadgets—free shipping included.

If you look around you today, it would seem everyone is out to get something. Our economy encourages us to buy, buy, buy. The new iPhone which was just announced by Apple will cost $199 for 16gb and $299 for 32gb of storage. The new phone is powered by an A4 CPU (the same chip used in the iPad) and sports a 3.5-inch screen with 960×640 resolution, dual mics, and an upgraded camera system that will include HD video recording and editing capabilities.

Many people are now going to start looking for excuses to get rid of their old phone for the best, so what will you do? has a solution. Anyone wanting to upgrade to the new iPhone, can head over to where they offer up to $280 for a used iPhone. The customer can then take the earnings from the iPhone sale to BuyMyTronics and buy a new 4G iPhone. The process is really easy. I've done it several times. The company will provide free shipping to get the item to them and once they receive the product, it will take only 7 days to get the money to you.

What about if you have a broken iPhone? BuyMyTronics will buy those too. BuyMyTronics pays
up to $106 for a broken iPhone. Take those earnings, apply it to the purchase of a new $99 iPhone and you have a new iPhone for free! It's smart, it's simple, and there is no charge to you to get rid of your old phones.

"Recycling your old or broken iPhone and gadgets is the greenest thing you can do; your old gadgets won't end up in a landfill polluting our water tables and your old or broken iPhone or gadget will get put to use again, which decreases the need for new gadgets to be produced. All in all, it's healthy for the earth, and for our customer’s wallets." -Brett Mosley

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of your old gadgets now!

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